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The touring Old Boys Pipes & Drums with the College Pipes & Drums in Norfolk Virginia

Marching on....Virginia USA

Off the back of a great tour to Edinburgh in 2023, which was the first overseas trip for the old boys band. In April this year the band headed back overseas, this time to Norfolk, Virginia USA. One of the largest Tattoos outside of the UK. Once again the old boys dress, drill and playing shone out, to the extent the band was instructed to take up the prime position of right flank. Not just the senior ranking position but only issued to those bands who the organisers think can “lead” the band. 

The Tattoo while shorter than Edinburgh took no less work, but was just as rewarding. The old boys performed with the college and one other Australian band from Perth. The local bands made us feel very much at home, very welcoming, the camaraderie and friendship a real highlight of the trip. 

The band would like to thank the old boys union for the lasting legacy of support from Edinburgh of uniforms which were again fully employed in the US and will continue to be used. 

I am sure I can thank the touring band members on behalf of the wider old boys band for the time, effort and funds each individual has put in. Generally nothing short of 200 hours of practice goes into learning the tunes, weekly practices for several months before hand, weekend practice each month then the time taken to actually travel and perform…..and airfares! - a very big thank you to those members of the old boys touring band that have been taking our name out to the world !!! - 

And to get a further ROI for the old boys unions uniforms! - the band is on a roll - and having really made a name for itself on the international stage - we are off to Basel in 2025 - if you are interested in auditioning - contact


Drm Sgt Paddo

Virginia tattoo pipes & drums.jpeg
Alex on the job

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