The Scots College Old Boys' Union

Categories of membership

Membership of the Old Boys’ Union is governed by the Old Boys’ Union Committee in line with constitutional requirements. 

There exist three categories of membership:

  • Life Members;

  • Honorary Life Members;

  • Honorary Members

Life Membership

Life Membership is extended automatically to all Scots Old Boys upon payment of a fee resolved by the Old Boys’ Union Committee  — that is, students who become past students of The Scots College. The Committee may resolve to determine processes in connection with the admission of members. Usually, this involves membership being conveyed in September at a Graduation Ceremony where students receive a certificate of graduation concurrently with their Old Boys’ Union Life Membership certificate. 

Students that leave the College voluntarily from a year other than Year 12 are entitled to become Life Members and should complete write to the Secretary ( to join. While optional, the Old Boys’ Union represents continuing value and we enjoy significant support from graduating classes.

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members are appointed by resolution of a General Meeting of Members on the advice of the Committee; usually for exceptional service to the Old Boys’ Union.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are appointed by the Committee for a given duration and comprise those who were, under former governing rules, associate members in addition to those appointed more recently. To apply for honorary membership, please write to the Secretary (

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