The Scots College Old Boys' Union


Back to Scots 2018

When: 11 August 2018
Location: Lang Walker Business Centre, The Scots College

Scots boys are inspired by generations of Old Boys who have become fine community leaders. We are a diverse community that enjoys a living connection to the College’s traditions and passion for excellence. Old Boys are welcomed back to the College with events, music, reunions and more. This year we're offering the option of substantial canapés and drinks in the Dining Room prior to the event.

Coming back to Scots

At Back to Scots in 2018, we anticipate a significant crowd. 

To ensure all Old Boys, and extended members of the College community, a comfortable experience there will be several measures in place to ensure the security of the campus.

The consumption of alcohol

Apart from designated areas where functions are taking place, alcohol may not be consumed. Alcohol will be served in the Lang Walker Business Centre, the Dining Room, the top floor of the Main Building and the Aspinall Ballroom. All other areas are, therefore, considered prohibited spaces for the consumption and distribution of alcohol. Anti-social behaviour will result in the removal of patrons from the campus by Safety Management. 

Parking and general conduct

The College exists in a highly-residential community, and we ask that all attendees respect our neighbours by leaving the campus quietly and parking in accordance with local regulations. 

For generations, Scots Old Boys have been changing the world.

Rediscover your College and our plan to push frontiers for generations to come.

Revisit Scots